I love the quote from the movie, The Help: “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

These words were spoken to a white child by her beloved black maid, Aibileen.

I think every child needs to hear these words from someone important in their lives–whether it’s a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher or foster care provider.  Every child needs to have that inner need for a sense of significance met – that feeling of being valuable, important, loved and worth paying attention to.   If they learn that Jesus Christ is the source of these validating words, that He sees the “best” in them, they can grow in confidence and find purpose and identity for their lives.  They can feel good about themselves and know who they’ve been created to be.

Years ago I wanted to write a book about feeling like a “nobody” and how “Somebody” could help.  I even had the title in mind:  ”HELP!  I’m a nobody, can’t somebody help me?“

I think this book, is that idea.  When a child feels like a “nobody”, there is “Somebody” who can help!

Growing up, I remember wanting to feel good about myself. So often I didn’t feel smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough or good enough.  I wanted to feel like I was someone important so I tried to act like people around me that I thought were who I wanted to be – like the girl in class who was beautiful, popular, fun and had a lot boyfriends.

The point is I never thought of just being … well… myself.  Everyone else seemed to be better.  I didn’t know that Jesus designed me with great care and delight.  He wanted me to be Me!  No one else could do what I had been designed to do.  If I didn’t fulfill the many dreams God had in his heart for me, the world would be missing out!

So I wrote the book about a child’s search for significance in hopes that they would always know the source for finding their worth and identity – a truth I didn’t find out until my late 20′s.

My hope is that this truth would remain with the child for the rest of their lives and when they get confused about who they are or simply need some encouragement and love, they would just have to find The Who in You.

Why I Wrote "The Who in You"