About "The Who in You"

This book is about finding a best friend that you can’t even see. One who alone can bring peace, security and answers that meet all the challenges children face through every stage of growing up.

So where do you look to find this wonderful, invisible friend?  I’ll give you a clue…. He’s closer than you think!  Follow Luke’s exciting journey to discover the “Who” in him!

This book is meant to speak to a child’s deep inner need for a sense of significance—that feeling inside all of us that says: “You are valuable, important, loved, and your life has meaning and purpose in the sight of God.”


Parent-Child Communication Tool

A Parent-Child Communication Tool is included at the end of the book which offers a great opportunity to have a conversation with your child regarding issues of their own identity and sense of significance.  Some optional approaches are included to help your child open up to you and possibly receive prayer for some important issues.