About the Author

Why Write?


I always wanted to write a book, which really makes no sense because I didn’t study English or Writing and it’s never been easy for me to keep a steady train of thought.

Having an insatiable curiosity doesn’t lend itself to completeness.  Nevertheless, the book seemed to flow out of me one day as I was preparing to teach a workshop called “Energizing your Dreams.”

My Background. . .


My background is in nursing and science.  For 35 years I’ve been an RN, BSN, PHN and am a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I’m also a Regional Director for International Bethel Sozo, an inner healing ministry out of Bethel Church in Redding, California.

I grew up in an affluent community, Lake Forest, Illinois and for a few of my high school years attended a girl’s college-prep boarding school, “Westover”, in Middlebury, Connecticut.  That’s where I first learned to sit still and study!

My father moved our family out to California in the early 70′s and I’ve been a “California Girl” ever since.

My life changed significantly in 1980 when I became a Christian and met my husband, Steve.  For the last 25 years we’ve been part of the pastoral team at Lake Tahoe Christian Fellowship in South Lake Tahoe, California, involved with numerous teaching and training ministries.

What I love. . .


Besides my husband, I love my two beautiful daughters, Melissa and Natalie, my son in law, Jarred and my future son in law, Tyler.  Then of course there’s my impossible-not-to-love grandson, Luke.  He is wonderfully delightful!

I love helping people become all that they have been created to be and am passionate about people becoming healthy and whole in their body, soul and spirit.  There really is a connection between these three.

Helping people walk through the process of freedom and wholeness into their destiny makes my heart sing!  I’m thrilled when young and old alike discover and celebrate how incredibly valuable and loved they are!

Oh, and I love really good coffee with lots of cream!

What you may not know about me. . .


One surprising tidbit about me is that although I’m an extrovert …I don’t mind being alone to have plenty of time to think.  That’s right, “thinking” is really fun for me, especially when I can think deeply about life and love and spiritual things.  At one such moment, this children’s book was imagined and took form.  I really hope you enjoy it and perhaps become inspired to turn your own “thinking dreams” into a reality.

Jim Deasy


I loved working with Jim! He is a an extremely gifted designer with a lot of patience and just the right “people skills” to move me through the design process!

About Jim: I am a Designer, Artist, Dj/Producer from Marin County, California. I have a degree in Industrial Design from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Along with my work as a designer I also produce electronic dance music under the the label Madera Records.

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Heather Branscom


What can I say, Heather is an amazing illustrator able to capture my thoughts completely!

About Heather: My love affair with animation started young, 5 years or younger, watching Disney’s Robin Hood repeatedly till the rest of the family started to riot, forcing me to expand my repertoire of animation titles. This love has only deepened with time, leading me to study at and graduate from the Vancouver film school with diplomas in “Foundational Art and Design” and “Classical Animation.”

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Anchor Web Development & Online Marketing


What does it take to understand web design, “branding” and social media for the completely inexperienced? It takes Anchor! What a joy to work with these professional, knowledgeable, experts! I can’t say enough about Jennifer Beck and her team!

About Anchor: We’re a full service online marketing and web development agency operating out of Denver, Colorado. Our background is in custom web development, as well as online marketing for small businesses and startups.

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Carrie Stetson is a wife, mother of two daughters and grandmother to two grandsons. She lives in South Lake Tahoe, California, where she has worked with the Lake Tahoe Christian Fellowship for over 25 years. 
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